Algoa Batteries are the Eastern Cape suppliers for First National Battery in the greater Port Elizabeth and surrounding region. We are the Sole Eastern Cape suppliers for the First National battery Co - the largest single S.A manufacturer of lead acid batteries for the Automotive, SMP industrial forklift as well as standby power in South Africa.

While independent, Algoa Batteries cc has been the official suppliers of First National Battery since first established in 1988. 

Thirty years on, the company has built up an excellent reputation within the battery industry, particularly with regards to the industrial component where the need of an Electric Forklift, High reach truck, pallet jack or stackers as well as tow-motor fleets for the automotive and food industry.

Algoa Batteries for all your industrial battery requirements.

Algoa Batteries cc, together with First National Battery acknowledge our superior technology, consistent product quality, and dedicated customer service to maintaining our position as the industry leader.

Services offered

Offering a full service to all our customers with large electric fleet applications, standby applications, Farm solar power applications, heavy duty truck and automotive applications including recommendations for battery bay layouts , and the furthermore the on-site labor contract services thereafter

- Sales, repair and service to all types of electric forklift batteries

- Parts holding

- Standby power

- Full maintenance agreements

- Planning of battery bay layouts

- Correct procedures of battery handling and maintenance

- Training

- Battery rotation schedules

- Battery management systems

- On-site labour agreements (Staff)

- Charger repairs and sales

-Battery Recycling

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Are you looking for Solar Batteries?

Or even Lithium-Ion Batteries?

What about  Industrial Batteries?

Would you maybe be interested in battery bay Maintenance and training?

Or even battery test assessments and services?

Do you care about our earth and wat to recycle your batteries?

 it does not matter how big or small under one roof we do it all!